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Seek and Hide: Act 2


Act 2: The Saint’s Dice continues on from the events of Act 1. Having been captured by Draconic-Intelligence Conditioning Enforcement agents (DICE), Rimentus is forced into a zoo enclosure where he spends his miserable days under the constant eye of the public. Holly regrets what she’d done, and wishes for Rimentus’ freedom. But to undo the damage she’d done means betraying DICE—a dire gamble that would change hers and Rimentus’ life for good.

Seek and Hide Act 2: The Saint's Dice is now available for purchase!



Seek & Hide is a engrossing vore novelette series of 5 acts with multiple illustrations in each Act.

Written by Rimentus

Illustrated by Gothyk

Cover made by Rimentus



This content is rated Teen. The work does include fetish material but it is tame and non-sexual.

The type of fetish material includes:

Soft Oral Vore
& Fatal Vore (characters who's death is a result of vore)

There is no gore or overly explicit imagery.


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