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'Round Campus #2: Dark Depths

Image of 'Round Campus #2: Dark Depths


Orientation is over. The testing period begins now... Will you be able to survive your second week at Rothsmund University?

Penny's first semester at Rothsmund isn't going so hot. She's hiding her choice of schools from her parents, she doesn't know anybody on campus, and her first potential friend was just kidnapped by a ravenous sorority with ill intents... The Pi Phi Chi Annual Belly-Ache Competition is only days away, and the sisters are still gathering the foulest and slimiest meals they can in hopes of winning the ultimate prize (along with a week's supply of antacids). But it seems Liz was caught while catching her prey, and as if that wasn't enough of a complication, this is the week the inspector chose to visit! What other choice do the sisters have, though? They have to give the inspector a full tour... ‘Round Campus.

This 20+ page second issue contains the next 3 chapters of the 'Round Campus story, character bios, and exclusive bonus content and pin-ups.

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'Round Campus is a product of the efforts of its two collaborating creators:
Stank the Skunk & Humbug the Tired of Smelling Skunk.



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